Wassim Jabi, Ph.D.


Contact Information

  1. PO Box 10188 #6554

  2. Newark, New Jersey 07101-3188

  3. Phone: +1 973.968.5100

  4. E-mail: wassim.jabi@gmail.com


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  4. Digital Design


  1. Ph.D. Architecture 2004 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  2. M.Sc. Architecture 2004 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  3. M.Arch. Architecture 1989 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (with distinction)

  4. B.Arch. Architecture 1987 American University of Beirut, Lebanon


  1. Member of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC)

  2. Vice-President (2007-), Association for Computer-Aided Design In Architecture (ACADIA)

  3. President (2005-2007), Association for Computer-Aided Design In Architecture (ACADIA)

  4. Conference Organizer and Technical Chair of the 21st ACADIA Annual Conference

Current Activities

  1. Jabi, Wassim et al. "Fostering Creativity in Ubiquitous Social Computing through Casual and Formal Interactions in Interdisciplinary Design Studios" A Proposal to NSF IIS - ITR-CreativeIT Division, Proposal Number 0714158, Requested Amount: $198,598. Submitted: 12/11/2006. Project Role: Principal Investigator (PI). Status: Awarded on March 13, 2007. Duration: 18 months.

Selected Publications

  1. Jabi, Wassim. "Digital Tectonics: the intersection of the physical and the virtual" Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA), University of Waterloo, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, November 10-14, 2004, pp. 256-269.

  2. Wassim Jabi and Potamianos, Iakovos. "A Parametric Exploration of the Lighting Method of the Hagia Sophia Dome" The 7th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, CIPA/VAST, Joint Event of VAST/CIPA/EG WS G&CH/EuroMed Eurographics Symposium Proceedings. M. Ioannides, D. Arnold, F. Nicolucci, K. Mania (eds.). In cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH. Nicosia, Cyprus. Oct. 30 - Nov. 4, 2006. ISBN 3-905673-42-8. ISSN 1811-864X. pp. 257-265.

  3. Jabi, Wassim. "Reflections on Computer-Supported Cooperative Design Systems" Proceedings of the CAAD Futures 2003 Conference. Kluwer Academic Publishers B.V., Netherlands, pp. 169-180. ISBN: 1-4020-1210-1.

Fun Stuff

  1. Apple iTunes Videocast: 360 degree Spherical Panoramas of Greece and Venice